Fetty Wap gets Traffic Charges

Fetty Wap gets Traffic Charges

Fetty Wap gets Traffic Charges

Fetty Wap gets Traffic Charges:  Anyone can get a traffic charge, even a rapper like Fetty Wap.  If you have been charged with a traffic violation in Virginia, whether it is speeding, reckless driving, DUI, DWI or improper driving, contact Bob today.  Bob’s office will schedule a FREE CASE REVIEW with Bob by telephone.  Bob will share his insights from over 30 Years as a lawyer about your situation.  The call is free and entirely confidential. #FettyWapGetsTrafficCharges

Fetty Wap gets Traffic Charges: Fetty Wap whose real name is Willie Maxwell II was born in 1991 and is a rapper and song writer from Paterson, New Jersey.  Fetty Wap is known for his songs Trap Queen, 679 and My Way.  He released a studio album titled Fetty Way in September of 2015.  #FettyWapGetsTraficCharges

Fetty Wap gets Traffic Charges: In late September of 2015, Fetty Wap was hospitalized due to injuries sustained an motorcycle crash.  Fetty Wap was attempting to pass another slower moving vehicle and crashed his motorcycle into an oncoming car.  Fetty Wap was charged with no registration, no proof of insurance and no license to operate a motorcycle.  Fetty Wap apparently also got three separate fractures in one of his legs due to the crash.  Fetty Wap lost one of his eyes as a youth due to glaucoma.  Some suspect that his lack of depth perception due to the missing eye may have contributed to his misjudging the distance to the oncoming vehicle.

Fetty Wap gets Traffic Charges:  Some believe that Fetty Wap is both experienced and reckless in his use of a motorcycle.  They point to the September 14, 2015 video with Chris Brown and French Montana involving dirt bike and ATVs.  In that video Fetty Wap is seen doing perilous trick riding without a helmet or protective clothing.  #FettyWapGetsTraficCharges









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