Foremost Augusta County DWI Lawyer

Foremost Augusta County DWI Lawyer

Foremost Augusta County DWI Lawyer

Foremost Augusta County DWI Lawyer:  When faced with an Augusta County DWI or other traffic charge, call Bob Keefer immediately to schedule your FREE CASE REVIEW.  There is no cost or obligation and your discussion remains completely confidential and privileged.  You can set this call up by following the highlighted link, by calling 540.433.6906, the 24/7 number or by emailing  You want Bob to explain your options.

Foremost Augusta County DWI Lawyer:  A DWI charge can have a profound effect on your life even before your case is resolved.  Case in point is Victor Hampton until recently a Cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens.  Hampton was stopped for doing 100 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour zone.  The Police apparently smelled alcohol coming from Hampton’s person or breath and began a DWI investigation.  Hampton was eventually arrested for DWI, Reckless Driving and Open Container.  His passenger was arrested for possession of a concealed weapon.

Foremost Augusta County DWI Lawyer:  Hampton has been on several teams and his lifestyle problems overshadow his worth as a professional football player.  Hampton attended South Carolina and played his college football for that team.  Hampton left college early to join the 2014 NFL draft.  Probably because of his perceived problems, Hampton was not drafted.  The Cincinnati Bengals signed him as an undrafted free agent but ended up cutting him from their roster.  The New York Giants signed him for their practice squad.  The Ravens picked him up in January, 2015 probably requiring that he not have any problems.  He had problems.  The Ravens cut him loose.

Foremost Augusta County DWI Lawyer: Hampton should have known that North Carolina law enforcement run lots of late night traffic patrols and Charlotte, North Carolina is no exception.  Hampton should have know that 100 miles per hour driving will garner lots of unwanted law enforcement attention.  Hampton has begun to experience the loss of employment collateral consequences of a DWI arrest.

Foremost Augusta County DWI Lawyer

Foremost Augusta County DWI Lawyer





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