Best Staunton DWI Lawyer

Best Staunton DWI Lawyer

Best Staunton DWI Lawyer

Best Staunton DWI Lawyer:  Contact Bob Keefer today for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. There is no cost or obligation and your conversation will remain private and confidential.  You can schedule your FREE Evaluation by using the highlighted link above or by calling 540.433.6906 or by emailing  Get the Benefit of Bob’s more than 30 Years of experience representing people with these sort of charges.

Best Staunton DWI Lawyer:  The Federal Government has launched a War on Driving Under the Influence of drugs and alcohol.  Anyone and everyone is a target of this War.  One recent casualty of that war is eighteen year old Nadji Jeter.  Jeter is a dancer, an actor and a musician.  He has been working on show business since his early childhood.  Jeter was the Coke Drink symbol in 2011.  Jeter was the dancing mascot for the Atlanta Hawks, “Lil Harry the Hawk”.

Best Staunton DWI Lawyer:  Jeter was stopped for aggressive driving and speeding.  Jeter was apparently not consuming alcohol however the Officer believed that he had consumed marijuana due to smell.  The Officer gave Jeter field tests designed to detect a blood alcohol content in excess of the legal limit.  The field tests are not impairment tests.  Based on the smell and tests not designed to demonstrate anything about marijuana Jeter was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana.

Best Staunton DWI Lawyer: Many police officers believe that marijuana causes nystagmus.  It does not.  Alcohol can cause nystagmus; Marijuana cannot.  Many officers falsely claim to see nystagmus, mistakenly believe they see nystagmus or create nystagmus by the adminstration of the HGN test.  HGN is not a test for marijuana.

Best Staunton DWI Lawyer:  Marijuana is a tough drug to test for because it has a very short half life where it causes impairment.  This is another difference with alcohol which is linear and does not come and go in half lives.


Best Staunton DWI Lawyer

Best Staunton DWI Lawyer





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